Wearable device makes travel sickness a thing of the past

If your family trips are ruined by the scourge of travel sickness, relief is at hand – thanks to a wearable device that treats nausea within seconds.

Travel sickness affects people of all ages, and it can have a devastating impact on holidays and outings. Now ReliefBand, a technology which has helped millions of travel sickness victims in the USA, has become available in Ireland.

“After getting ReliefBand, I don’t feel apprehensive or nervous about upcoming trips”, says Kelly McGowan, Kuala Lumpur, who regularly travels between Ireland and Malaysia. Maggie Egan, Hollymount, Co. Mayo, who also found journeys invariably ruined by travel sickness, doesn’t “leave the house without it.”

Deborah O’Sullivan, a nurse from Geesala in Co. Mayo, discovered that wearing ReliefBand, an innovative product that sufferers wear on their wrists like a watch, offered her badly-needed relief from her pregnancy sickness. And, upon further exploring the product, she found that it also worked as a travel sickness solution. She has now secured the rights to distribute ReliefBand in Ireland and the UK.

“It works within seconds, controlling nausea and vomiting without medication. ReliefBand sends a mild pulse up through the arm. This is called neuromodulation and it has the impact of ‘turning off’ nausea. ReliefBand has Federal Drug Authority (FDA) clearance,” said Deborah, a qualified Intensive Care Nurse with vast additional experience in Medical Sales.

“Last year, I noticed that ReliefBand was only available in America, and I approached the company as an enthusiastic previous user to see if I could distribute it here in Ireland and in the UK.”

ReliefBand works by generating programme pulses that stimulate the median nerve on the arm. The generated signals travel via the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system, and the higher emetic centre of the brain.

The signals modulate the natural neural pathways between the brain and the stomach, via the vagus nerve, restoring normal gastric rhythm and relieving nausea and vomiting. It retails at €129, including next-day delivery by registered post anywhere in Ireland. It can be purchased at www.reliefband.ie.

“When people purchase ReliefBand, our customer service line is available to answer any questions they have about how to place it on their hands, how to set the pulse level, and how to use the conductivity gel that protects the skin added Deborah.

“The feedback here and in the USA is that it works for about 90 per cent of travel sickness sufferers, which is really phenomenal.”

How-To Guide For ReliefBand 1.5

by ReliefBand | September 12, 2017

After years of nausea, and probably more than a little retching and vomiting, you’ve ordered your very first Reliefband®. Congratulations!

Now, let’s talk about the nuts and bolts of how to use Reliefband® to get maximum effectiveness for you.

Positioning Reliefband® properly on your wrist is essential for relief of your nausea, retching, and vomiting symptoms. Before you start using Reliefband®, please read the Instructions for Use carefully. You must feel stimulation in your palm and/or middle fingers for Reliefband® to work.

There’s a specific spot on the underside of your wrist where Reliefband® needs to be positioned.

Find the starting area on the wrist. Using either wrist, the correct area is between the two tendons on the underside of the wrist – two finger-widths above the wrist crease farthest from your elbow.

Before positioning your Reliefband®, clean the area first. Once the area is clean, apply a small drop of gel and spread it in a circle about the size of a large coin with an even sheen (i.e., a thin layer with a shiny appearance).

Place the device over the gelled area and attach it to the wrist. Fasten the device snugly. Press the power button in the center of the device to turn it on. Starting at power level 1, increase stimulation until tingling is felt through median nerve in palm and middle finger at a comfortable level. Press the power button in the center of the device for 3 seconds to turn it off.

When to use Reliefband®?

You can use your Reliefband® either before or after your nausea, retching, and vomiting symptoms start and leave it on for as long as your symptoms last.

If you are highly susceptible to motion sickness, apply Reliefband® one half hour before a motion sickness event (e.g., riding in a car, airplane, or boat).

How can you be sure you’ve found the area for maximum stimulation?

After the device is turned on, move it slightly up or down, and side to side on the wrist until the maximum “tingling” feeling is felt. You will feel a tingling sensation in your palm and/or middle fingers when Reliefband® is in the proper wrist location.

Stimulation will cycle every four seconds. If little or no tingling is felt after moving it around, increase the power level to the next level of stimulation. This device has five levels of stimulation: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (level 5 is the highest setting).

On which wrist should you wear Reliefband®?

On the wrist that gives you the greatest tingling in the hand at the lowest stimulation level.

Is dry or sensitive skin a problem?

For dry skin, the gel may be lightly applied more often. If you have especially sensitive skin, switch wrists every 2-3 hours. Be sure to re-apply gel as directed.

And that’s it! Please read your Instructions For Use, and let us know if you have any questions.

Now go, and live your life in full motion!

“Now I don’t feel apprehensive or nervous about upcoming trips” – Kelly McGowan (travel sickness)

I'm delighted to have found this product and can't recommend it enough.

I travel regularly between Ireland and Asia and used relief band for the first time on my trip back to Asia last week. I've suffered with travel sickness since being a child and I have have always had to take medication, this often left me drowsy which isn't great when I'm traveling alone with my young children.

The band worked perfectly and was extremely easy to use. Using ReliefBand means I can now avoid the horrible side effects from medication. I also don't feel so apprehensive or nervous about upcoming trips.

I'm delighted to have come across it and will be bringing it with me everywhere from now on!

  • Kelly McGowan, Kuala Lumpur

“I don’t leave the house without it” – Maggie Egan (travel sickness)

Over the last few years, I have started to suffer from car sickness. I had it as a young child and now it’s back – as bad as ever. I was getting to stage where i was dreading any car journey. 

But my discovery of ReliefBand has changed all of that.

It’s absolutely great. I put the band on at Level 1 about ten minutes before I go in the car and, once the journey starts, I increase it to Level 3.

I have no more car sickness.

And because it’s a wrist band, you can just pop it in your bag and use it any time. I have to take a lot of tablets daily so the fact that it’s not another tablet is a real bonus for me. The ReliefBand has truly made a difference for me.

I don’t leave the house without it. Happy travels .

  • Maggie Egan, Robeen, Hollymount, Co. Mayo.

Europe In Summer

by Reliefband | July 13, 2017                                                                                                  pic source www.pixabay.com

Europe calls to Americans — maybe it’s the history, or perhaps the romance. Whatever it is, its pull is nearly irresistible.

Those of us who suffer from motion sickness find the pull isn’t as strong given the nausea, retching, and vomiting we experience when traveling by car, plane, train, boat or even, on a bad day, an elevator.

However, it’s summer and time to get our vacay on!

Don’t let motion sickness ruin your day (or your vacay); instead, start living your life. With Reliefband® on the wrist, you control those nasty symptoms, and you’ll find travel isn’t the nausea-inducing torture it used to be.

If you’re ready to plan your visit, we have a few favorite spots to share.

Majorca is a Spanish island drenched in ancient ruins, mountains, and beach resorts. It is a land to suit nearly every preference. Pack lots of sunscreen and relax.

Corfu provides a bit of the touristy beach vibe, but primarily, it’s an island that introduces you to the slow pace of life in Greece. If you want to immerse yourself in the Greek culture, this is the perfect spot.

Scotland, the land of lochs, moors, kilt-wearing men, castles, golf courses, bagpipes, and cities and landscapes so beautiful, it melts the heart. No one ever regrets a trip to Scotland.

Really, there are a thousand spots around Europe that would delight anyone looking for a place to land for a week or two. The point is to get out there and enjoy life.

Don’t let the misery of motion sickness stop you from trying new things. Live your life in full motion!

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The Secret To Controlling Morning Sickness

by Reliefband | August 25, 2017                                                                                            pic source www.pixabay.com

During the first trimester of pregnancy, and for some throughout the entire pregnancy, nausea, retching, and vomiting due to morning sickness is a reality.

Morning sickness can happen at any time. You could be shopping, visiting a friend, or just taking a walk around the neighborhood—the nausea associated with morning sickness does not care where you are or what you are doing. This not so pleasant feeling can turn your entire day upside down.

To help get your day back on track within minutes, there is a drug-free technology that controls the nausea from morning sickness—the Reliefband® wearable device.

Originally developed for use in hospitals, the Reliefband® technology sends gentle pulses on the underside of your wrist, then uses the body’s own natural neural pathways to control nausea associated with morning sickness.

Clinically proven and recommended by nurses and OB/GYNs, Reliefband® is the choice of many pregnant women to help them feel better.

Since it is drug-free, you won’t have the side effects of safety issues associated with medications.

Scientifically studied, Reliefband® provides a drug-free, clinically proven solution that may help you get your day back on track.

Try it for yourself or give Reliefband® to someone you love to control the nausea associated with their morning sickness or motion sickness.

Don’t Let Road Trips Throw You A Curve


by Reliefband | August 17,2017                                                                                            pic source www.pixabay.com


Road trips are escapes from the routine at the speed of life.

Americans and cars go together like apple pie and ice cream. We enjoy our cars, especially for road trips!

Many of us don’t typically experience carsickness, but you throw in enough curves and hills as we motor toward the end of a day’s driving, and some of us will feel queasy.

The fact is, any of us may experience carsickness under the right (or wrong) circumstances.

There are a few things you can do to try and get to the end of your driving day puke-free. Most importantly before you hit the road make sure you have a Reliefband for everyone in the car.

Take frequent driving breaks to get everyone out of the car and check out the scenery.

Keep a stream of cool air blowing in the face of each person while the car is in motion.

Don’t consume greasy or heavy food, and keep the smelly food for another time.

Eat light snacks while in the car.

Stay hydrated with non-sugary liquids – plain water is perfect.

Keep your eyes focused on the horizon (not at scenery zipping past the side of the car).

Be aware that it’s possible for anyone to get carsick, or even all your passengers. Be prepared, have fun out there and live life in full motion with Reliefband!

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