“Now I don’t feel apprehensive or nervous about upcoming trips” – Kelly McGowan (travel sickness)

I'm delighted to have found this product and can't recommend it enough.

I travel regularly between Ireland and Asia and used relief band for the first time on my trip back to Asia last week. I've suffered with travel sickness since being a child and I have have always had to take medication, this often left me drowsy which isn't great when I'm traveling alone with my young children.

The band worked perfectly and was extremely easy to use. Using ReliefBand means I can now avoid the horrible side effects from medication. I also don't feel so apprehensive or nervous about upcoming trips.

I'm delighted to have come across it and will be bringing it with me everywhere from now on!

  • Kelly McGowan, Kuala Lumpur

“I don’t leave the house without it” – Maggie Egan (travel sickness)

Over the last few years, I have started to suffer from car sickness. I had it as a young child and now it’s back – as bad as ever. I was getting to stage where i was dreading any car journey. 

But my discovery of ReliefBand has changed all of that.

It’s absolutely great. I put the band on at Level 1 about ten minutes before I go in the car and, once the journey starts, I increase it to Level 3.

I have no more car sickness.

And because it’s a wrist band, you can just pop it in your bag and use it any time. I have to take a lot of tablets daily so the fact that it’s not another tablet is a real bonus for me. The ReliefBand has truly made a difference for me.

I don’t leave the house without it. Happy travels .

  • Maggie Egan, Robeen, Hollymount, Co. Mayo.