Wearable device makes travel sickness a thing of the past

If your family trips are ruined by the scourge of travel sickness, relief is at hand – thanks to a wearable device that treats nausea within seconds.

Travel sickness affects people of all ages, and it can have a devastating impact on holidays and outings. Now ReliefBand, a technology which has helped millions of travel sickness victims in the USA, has become available in Ireland.

“After getting ReliefBand, I don’t feel apprehensive or nervous about upcoming trips”, says Kelly McGowan, Kuala Lumpur, who regularly travels between Ireland and Malaysia. Maggie Egan, Hollymount, Co. Mayo, who also found journeys invariably ruined by travel sickness, doesn’t “leave the house without it.”

Deborah O’Sullivan, a nurse from Geesala in Co. Mayo, discovered that wearing ReliefBand, an innovative product that sufferers wear on their wrists like a watch, offered her badly-needed relief from her pregnancy sickness. And, upon further exploring the product, she found that it also worked as a travel sickness solution. She has now secured the rights to distribute ReliefBand in Ireland and the UK.

“It works within seconds, controlling nausea and vomiting without medication. ReliefBand sends a mild pulse up through the arm. This is called neuromodulation and it has the impact of ‘turning off’ nausea. ReliefBand has Federal Drug Authority (FDA) clearance,” said Deborah, a qualified Intensive Care Nurse with vast additional experience in Medical Sales.

“Last year, I noticed that ReliefBand was only available in America, and I approached the company as an enthusiastic previous user to see if I could distribute it here in Ireland and in the UK.”

ReliefBand works by generating programme pulses that stimulate the median nerve on the arm. The generated signals travel via the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system, and the higher emetic centre of the brain.

The signals modulate the natural neural pathways between the brain and the stomach, via the vagus nerve, restoring normal gastric rhythm and relieving nausea and vomiting. It retails at €129, including next-day delivery by registered post anywhere in Ireland. It can be purchased at www.reliefband.ie.

“When people purchase ReliefBand, our customer service line is available to answer any questions they have about how to place it on their hands, how to set the pulse level, and how to use the conductivity gel that protects the skin added Deborah.

“The feedback here and in the USA is that it works for about 90 per cent of travel sickness sufferers, which is really phenomenal.”

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